When I took on the challenge of walking 1,000 steps for every day of July, I didn’t realize that I would be walking 517k steps and 272 miles in a one month period! I got the idea for this challenge when I would go days, sometimes weeks, without hitting my 10k steps per day goal. It was frustrating to myself because I know how little exercise is required to hit 10k.

This is a snapshot of all my steps in JulyPrior to this challenge there were a few days in the past where I had hit 25k or even 30k steps in a day. Those days were usually action packed with basketball, walking golf courses, etc. There was little time for lounging when you are getting that many steps in.

The first 15 or 20 days of this challenge were a walk in the park (no pun intended). The last 11 days were quite grueling. I reminisce about walking from downtown Salt Lake to a nearby neighborhood called Sugarhouse that is approximately 5 miles away. I did that walk three times just to get my steps in on various days. I went to a concert towards the end of the month (I believe on the 26th). In addition to walking from sun up until I had to go to work, during my lunch break, on a one on one with my boss, parking far away from the concert entrance, I also had to walk in between band sets to ensure that I would hit 26k steps for the day.

The last two days of the month were insane. There was a lot of golf and a little bit of basketball, but it was constant movement for just about all waking hours.

The biggest drawback to this challenge is that walking governed my life. There were no days off, no partying too hard, no running or intense exercise because it would make you too sore for the next day. Another drawback was that my feet were a disaster! They were sore and I developed some strange case of athletes foot that lasted for weeks after the challenge was over.

Have you ever walked this much in a month?

Here is a snapshot of all my stats in July