Challenge Description

This challenge was inspired by a lot of folks that I look up to in my world. In late 2015 and early 2016, I was not feeling that I was capitalizing on how productive I should have been. My mindset was that if I were to force myself to wake up earlier, that would help me capitalize on my productivity. I also felt that I was drinking way too much This was not only a January challenge, but in fact it was supposed to last for the duration of 2016.

Unfortunately, there were a few months where I did not take this challenge as seriously as I should have. In the springtime of 2016, I slipped on this challenge and there were about two months that I was not waking up before the sun. June 1st of 2016, I recommitted to the challenge and told myself that I will keep waking up before the sun for an entire year. As I write this (in January of 2017), I have upheld that commitment. I will continue this effort until May 31st of 2017. More updates to come!