Challenge Description

In February of 2016 I elected to give up processed foods for 30 days. Technically, almost all foods that we see in the grocery store has gone through some sort of processing so I constricted myself to only eating foods that had three ingredients or less. It was one of the harder challenges that I have participated in strictly because of sourcing all of the rawer foods. To get me through the challenge, I participated in juice cleanses, I would eat dried fruit and nuts for snacks.

I am kicking myself for not weighing in before and after because I don’t know if I did lose weight. I do know that I felt really good, clean and healthy. I would recommend this challenge to anyone looking to clean up their eating habits. My only word of warnings is that if you want to approach this challenge seriously, you may want to do some prep work and figure out what you are going to eat and when you are going to get that food. Turns out that fresh, preservative free food does not last long so preparation is essential.