In May of 2016 I challenged myself to give up people movers (elevators, escalators and the like) and read a book called Essentialism. The first part of the challenge stemmed from my fitness tracker telling me that I am lazy. The lazy factor coupled with the fact that I was staying at my girlfriend Dawn’s family’s vacation home on the 14th floor in a downtown Salt Lake City high rise, made the idea seem reasonable. PSYCH! I found myself complaining about petty things about the place we were staying in. Things like slow internet and not being able to get my own individual fob to get in the building really rubbed me the wrong way. I thought this challenge of forcing myself to walk up the 14 flights of stairs would really help me appreciate the place, even with it’s little quirks.

The challenge did really make me appreciate the free housing. I caught myself climbing 14 floors and thinking to myself, “someone paid to be this high in a building. And that someone was not me”. It is safe to say that I even started feeling a little guilty for complaining in the first place. The one thing I was hoping to achieve but did not was a feeling of being more fit, which led me to my June challenge.

As for Essentialism, I liked the book but it was a bit frustrating. Frustrating because it was a book on eliminating the fluff from your life, yet the book was filled with fluff! Still a good book to help anyone that is feeling overwhelmed with everything in their life and needs advice on how to slim it down.