Challenge Description

In February of 2017 I elected to forgo purchasing alcohol for a few different reasons:

  1. It was clear to me that I was spending a lot of money on alcohol in any given month.
  2. I have taken on a new fitness and diet plan for the year. One of my goals is to get abs in 2017. It turns out that alcohol, namely beer, is a big deterrent of actually getting those abs.

My hypothesis was that I would save some money, feel better and that maybe lose some weight.

One of my issues before starting this challenge was buying a lot of beer and storing it in my cellar. Once it would go down into the cellar, I would most likely forget about it for a certain amount of time. I was essentially throwing money towards something that I may or may not enjoy down the road. Taking a break from purchasing beer allowed me to really look at what I was spending my beer money on. Unfortunately, I did miss out on some beer releases that I won’t get to try but I realized that was going to be something that I was going to miss out on.

I did feel a lot better health-wise and financially! Yes, I did turn down some opportunities to drink with buddies, but I justified it because I told myself there will always be next time.

As for losing weight, I wouldn’t say that my beer consumption was reduced drastically. Instead, I drank beers that I already owned. Because of that, my weight maintained for the most part.

I would recommend this challenge to anyone who is looking to save some money and feel good. However, for my own situation I found myself taking in just as much booze as I was before.