Here is the scoop: I drink a lot of beer. It is mostly constrained to weekends but sometimes it creeps into the week days. I am lucky to have a peer group that can get their hands on really to get beers. These are brews that I don’t normally have the opportunity to try. As such, sometimes I need to try all beers.Image result for all the beers meme

What happens after I try all the beers? Well the next day I generally don’t feel stellar so I grab a cup or two of coffee to pick me up. Towards the end of the day I am still a little wired from my caffeine intake so I have a beer or two so I can get some sleep. It becomes a viscous cycle.

This challenge was not extremely difficult to be honest. I was drinking a good amount during the summer and a detox was absolutely needed.

There were a few surprises for this challenge. The first being how intense caffeine headaches can be, especially considering that I do not drink a whole lot of coffee. Because of those headaches and how lethargic I felt, caffeine was much harder to abstain from than alcohol. Additionally, after this September challenge I only had half a dozen cups of coffee for the remainder of 2016. After going through caffeine withdrawals, it is hard to get back on the sauce.

As for alcohol, September was good for me, but the aftermath was not so good. My subconscious mindset was that I was making up for lost time and my beer intake to close out the year was at a sky high level. Towards the end of December, I elected to take the first 17 days of 2017 off from booze. Why 17? Well I think it might be a new annual thing for me to take the first xx number of days off that match the last numbers of the year. So in 2018, I will take the first 18 days off, 2019 will be 19 days off, and so on.