My father inspired me for my June 2016 challenge. I will never forget when he called me out for being lazy and saying something to the effect of, “Dawn (my girlfriend) takes too good of care of you, I think a 30 day challenge that you would struggle with is switching roles with her”. Just like that, the seed was planted!

I will admit that Dawn is an ultra accommodating partner. She cooks, cleans, does dishes and laundry. I am more of the flash and she is more of the substance in the relationship (sad, but true). For 30 days, I decided to pick up the slack and take on all of those items. One wrinkle in this challenge: Dawn is a notorious homebody, so her task was to go out and have fun with friends and family.

My hypothesis was that each of us would gain a greater appreciation for one another and what we each bring to the relationship. Unfortunately, what actually took place was that I tried to take on all of the awesome things that Dawn does while still carrying out my rock star lifestyle. Dawn, had a few dates with friends and family but for the most part, she hung out at home. I will admit to kind of half-assing this challenge. I should have put more effort into doing the tasks that Dawn is so accustomed to. Instead, I tried to just adopt them while still living my life.

The result was a lot of nagging and fighting. Dawn was on my case because I wasn’t doing tasks in the timeline that she would have tackled them. I was on her case because she was at home too much and not out having fun. If I were to do this challenge again, I think I would set some ground rules on who does what and when.