This was the first 30 day challenge that I did not pick out for myself. I had a friend join me in the “no process foods” challenge in the previous month. Since he humored me and joined in on that challenge, I had him pick out our challenge for March. He decided on committing 20 minutes a day to Duolingo and reading a book called 59 Seconds.

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Reading the book was a walk in the park. It was a very easy consumable read that talked about ways that you can alter your life in 59 seconds or less. It is broken down into various sections so you can tackle areas of your life that are most in need of attention.

Duolingo was a little bit more of a commitment. I elected to brush up on my Spanish. I had taken a few Spanish courses in high school, but that was the extent of my knowledge. In addition to using the language application, I asked a few people that are fluent that I also interfaced with on a regular basis to speak Spanish to me as exclusively as they could.  I was quite surprised with the results! According to Duolingo, I went from 1% fluent in the language all the way up to 6%!

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This challenge inspired me to use Duolingo to help me prepare for visits to another country. In 2017, I am visiting Belgium and Rome. I plan on using the app on a daily basis to help prepare me for my trips. Stay tuned on the outcome!