April 1st: April Fools Day – Shawn LaMar and I celebrated by putting signs by all the printers in the office indicating that they were voice activated.

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April 2nd: National PB&J Day – shut down the night with an Uncrustable.

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April 3rd: National Tweed Day – I rocked a black tweed jacket on brown tweed pants.

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April 4th: School Librarian Day – I went to my alma maters (Churchill and Skyline) and gave the librarians $10 gift cards. It was a rewarding day

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April 5th: Go for Broke Day – I had a jam packed day, otherwise I would have gone to Wendover. Instead I brought a dice game to work called Shake of the Day. If you aren’t familiar, here is a link to how Montana bars play the game.

April 6th: Plan your Epitaph Day – I did a fair amount of research and I think that I would want,
“Chase Johnson
1987 – _____
Only the good die young”
I think this is a perfect epitaph because if I died anywhere between now and say my late 40s, it would be true. If I passed in my 50s through 70s it wouldn’t make a lot of sense, which I also like. And if I passed in my 80s or beyond it would be kind of comical.

April 7th: For National Beer Day I introduced my father to verticals!

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April 8th: National Draw a Bird day: these birds have been brought to you by Atomic Liquors in Las Vegas NV

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4/10 National Sibling Day AND National Golf Day: Hayley and I went golfing at Mick Riley. My sibling is cooler than yours.

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4/11 Barbershop Quartet Day – the only thing that I allowed myself to listen to today was Babershop Quartet tunes. I got through a good two hours of that stuff and I learned a few things:
– A few of those groups are racist
– I think there was a song about rape (Why do you always say no, when I know you mean yes)
– Rhyming “Susanna” with “Pianna” is a cop out

4/12 Big Wind Day – The fastest wind speed ever recorded on earth happened on this day in history. I celebrated by collecting all of the fans that I could find around the office and getting my Fabio on. There is a visual on Facebook if you are interested.

4/13 National Scrabble Day – I played some scrabble with coworkers during lunch today. It was a grand old time.

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4/14 National Pecan Day – I brought a bag of pecans into the office to share.

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4/15 Rubber Eraser Day – gave these to the entire marketing department.

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4/16 One of my favorite days this far… Eggs Benedict Day – celebrated with Megan, Andrew, Eli, Shawn and Tom. What an amazing morning!

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4/17 – National Cheeseball Day – we bought a Cheeseball and ate it with the Johnson family. Sadly, we ate it at the last Sunday dinner that I will have in my childhood home.

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4/18 National Juggling Day – I don’t really know how to juggle, but sometimes I get lucky. Here is what that looks like.

4/19 National Garlic Day – I celebrated by asking for the “garliciest” dish at both restaurants I went to yesterday (Red Rock and Beerhive). Red Rock had a French onion sandwich that was served on garlic bread. It was delicious. Beerhive had spinach artichoke dip which wasn’t so delicious.

4/20 National Look Alike Day – I celebrated by wearing this outfit….to work. It felt like a good decision until I got pulled into a meeting with one of the group presidents. It’s also 4/20 which means a lot of people are smoking green stuff. While I am not partaking in that, I am drinking the DANKEST, most resinous and “weediest” beer in the state, 2 Row Random IPA recipe 4.
Happy 4/20!

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4/21 National High Five Day – Sadly I didn’t give as many high fives as I would have liked because I was crazy busy today. Give someone a high five right now!

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4/22 National Jelly Bean Day – Celebrated at the office by filling the globe of doom with jelly beans.

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4/23 National Lovers Day – Dawn and I took it back to where it all began! One of our first dates was at Cafe Niche. Afterwards, we are going home to check out the original Jungle Book in preparation to see the new one (likely tomorrow).

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4/24 National Pigs in an Blanket Day – I got the ingredients, Dawn whipped them up for breakfast

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4/25: World Penguin Day – I celebrated by donating to this Australian Penguin Foundation (https://penguinfoundation.org.au/donation/ in case you are interested).

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4/26 National Pretzel Day – There was a lot going on in my life yesterday (purchased a new ride and then was told that I have a chance at winning a BMW for a year). I almost forgot about national pretzel day until Sam Stroman busted out a bag of Rold Gold to share with me and my aisle at work.