Challenge Description

Allow me to start by saying that fellow pictured is not me. My March challenge for 2017 revolved around a greater challenge that I have for 2017. At some point this year I would like to have abs as well as be able to do 30 pull ups within a few minutes.


The Idea

I came up with this challenge when I was in Seattle with some friends. We were all at a Mariners game drinking copious amounts of beer and having a great time. When we were leaving the stadium I was sharing the idea with them about a challenge that involved 1x the pull ups, 5x the push ups and 10x the sit ups for a month (for example on the 14th of the month I would have to do 14 pull ups, 70 push ups and 140 sit ups in a day. Make sense?). One of my buddies challenged me to show him how many pull ups that I could do on a beam outside of the stadium. I hopped up on the beam and it turned out that I couldn’t do a single pull up. I was entirely embarrassed! I set aside a little bit of time to try and improve my performance after that moment. But even still I couldn’t do more than five or so at a time.


My hypothesis was that if I were to force myself to do 30 pull ups a day that I would eventually be able to do more than five at a time. When I started this challenge I could eek out about six or seven pull ups before my form started going down the drain.

The Results

When I first started this challenge, I would have to do six sets of five pull ups scattered throughout the day. As time went on I transitioned into getting one set of ten in there, then eventually I got to two sets of ten along two sets of five. At the end of the month I could do one set of 15 and then two additional sets shortly there after.

My only complaint with this challenge was that there would be days where I would forget about my challenge and the better portion of a day would pass me by. In those situations I would have to either cram in a lot of pull ups in a short amount of time or I would fall short of my goal for that day.

I would highly encourage this challenge if you are looking to increase your pull up abilities! It worked for me.