Challenge Description

So it begins! I am doing 30 days of acts of kindness. Each day I am adding an additional dollar toward my act of kindness. For example on April 3rd, I put $3 towards something for someone else. On the 30th it will be $30 towards an act of kindness.

Why 30 days of kindness?

I have had an idea like this challenge in mind for quite some time. What pushed me over the edge is that my friend launched a site called Giving Game on April 1st. It so happens that Giving Game is a cool site that tracks acts of kindness that are reported by folks that receive those acts.

I am treating this month as kind of an experiment to see what sort of acts get reported and what falls by the wayside.

I will update this blog every few days with the details on my kindness. I am trying to be creative in my acts of kindness but I could use your help! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me (ckj1211ATgmailDOTcom) if you have some ideas on good acts of kindness that would cost me around the dollar amount that I have set aside for each day. The only stipulation is that I have to be able to somehow give the recipient a kindness card so they can register the act of kindness (more on that here,

The Challenge Itself

Day 1 of Kindness: On April 1st, I went to the bank and pulled out $465 dollars (an incremental additional dollar per day for a month). Here is what that looked like:

The bank teller also handed me a bunch of envelopes with the money. Shortly after I grabbed the cash, I put a dollar in the envelope, along with a kindness card and I wrote this note on the back…

I then dropped the envelope on one of those claw machines at a grocery store. My hope was that someone would pick up the envelope, play the claw game and then register the kindness.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 2 of Kindness: On April 2nd, I stopped by a local coffee shop and asked the barista to hand this envelope to the next patron that order an item that was under $2

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 3 of Kindness: Day three was very similar to day two. We have a coffee shop within our new corporate headquarters. I handed the barista an envelope similar to the picture above and asked her to give the envelope to the next patron that ordered something for less than $5. My thoughts were that we employ some pretty amazing people at my company and that they might be more likely to register acts of kindness in comparison to a normal person on the street.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 4 of Kindness: I started to scramble towards the end of the 4th. I didn’t have a ton of $4 kindness ideas. Towards the end of the working day, I started asking my coworkers what they had planned that night. Most were just going home to their families. Then I started chatting with Bakir, he was going to go grab a beer with a buddy that night. I handed him the envelope and said, “your first beer is on me”. Bakir and I sit back to back and have a pretty good relationship. I was thinking this for sure would be my first registered act of kindness.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 5 of Kindness: What sort of kindness can you do for $5? Buy a Little Ceasers hot and ready pizza for someone of course! I did the same tactic as the previous encounters: handed the envelope with $5.39 (thats what the pizza costs with tax) to the gal behind the counter and asked her to hand it to the next person to walk in and order a hot and ready pizza.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 6 of Kindness: At this point my hopes and dreams are a little bit crushed. I had done five acts of kindness, none of which had been registered. Alongside that, we did an activity as a marketing team where 60 acts of kindness were delivered and only three have been registered thus far. I wanted to get closer to my kindness but keep it in a similar vein. I elected to go to my favorite Subway, everything was the same as previous days except this time I was going to stick around until someone ordered a $6 footlong of the day. I hung out for about half an hour and only three people came in, none of them ordered the Sub of the Day. I am kind of dejected at this point. However, I just tell the sandwich artist to hand it to the next person that orders a the $6 sub of the day. Hopefully he obliged.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 7 of Kindness: This was a Friday. I went to the gym and started heading home afterwards. On the way home, I stopped by my local watering hole, Beerhive, for an adult beverage. I ran into one of my beer buddies there. I confirmed that he was going to be hanging out for a minute. I then handed him the envelope of cash/the kindness card and said, “your next beer is on me. Have a good night”.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 8 of Kindness: I had to go to the mall with my Dad. After we ran our errand, I went to the food court and hung out by some busy registers. I was waiting for someone to ring up and be under $8. Eventually some gal ordered a noodle bowl from Panda Express. As she was fumbling for her card, I handed her the envelope and said, “use this to buy your meal.” She said, “what is it?” I said, “you’ll see! Have a great lunch.”

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 9 of Kindness: I needed to switch up my methodology in order to try and get some kindness registered. I hopped on Amazon to see if anything jumped out to me that would be perfect for anyone that I knew. Scrolling through the jewelry section I noticed a dolphin themed necklace. I thought it would be perfect for my sweet grand mother. She is a big fan of dolphins and I have been thinking about her a lot lately. Even though it was out of my $9 price range, I sprung for the necklace. Here is what it looks like for enquiring minds. I wrote a gift letter to my grandma and gave her a Giving Game code with the piece.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 10 of Kindness: As I mentioned in day 6, our marketing team did a day of Giving Game to try and get acts of kindness registered. The one act that got a lot of action was buying gas for someone else. I decided that I was going to try and buy gas for a stranger. I told the gas station attendant that I wanted to put $10 on the next car that pulled up. She was confused but obliged. She tried to communicate with the recipient via the speaker phone in the store when he pulled up, but it wasn’t going so well. We eventually all went out and greeted him, I told him what we are doing and handed him a kindness card. He was grateful but confused.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 11 of Kindness: Day 11 happened to be one of my leaders birthdays! He is a great mentor to me and valuable piece in my life. I decided to surprise him with a very coveted beer from the other side of the country and handed him a Giving Game note with the beer. The note also had a birthday message attached.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 12 of Kindness: On the 12th day of kindness my true love gave to me…donuts? I was trying to get creative with day 12. Additionally, I had an idea about how to get a whole slew of kindness cards into circulation. I stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts on the way to work. I bought 2 dozen donuts and then went around my floor at work asking, “care for a donut?” If they said yes, I would hand them a kindness card as they grabbed a donut. 22 kindness cards delivered (I ran out of cards before I ran out of donuts) and the results were fantastic!

Result: 9 acts of kindness registered. I think the secret was two fold, I know these people personally AND they were standing in front of their computer. It was a kindness match made in heaven.

Day 13 of Kindness: I met a friend, Mark, for a drink at Lake Effect, a new bar in Salt Lake. The waitress convinced him to order a $16 beverage. I thought it would be nice to pick it up for him.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 14 of Kindness: I had a one on one meeting with a leader that I look up to named Trish. Her husband is opening up a brewery in town called RoHa brewing (a take on both of the brewers names). I stumbled across a Spanish wine called that said Rioja (turns out that is not unique on labels). I bought her the wine and gave it to her along with a not that told her to celebrate the opening of the new brewery with the bottle of wine.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 15 of Kindness: I was traveling over seas on day 15. I did, however, have a layover in San Francisco. That was my sole opportunity to interact with people that would be transacting. My girlfriend, Dawn and I decided to post up at a bar, grab a few beers and cover someones tab that was around the 15 dollar range. As we all know, airport food is expensive! It took us quite sometime (and a handful of bloody Marries) to find a tab to pick up. Eventually, some fellow that looked like a business traveler just ordered a $12 burger. I snagged his tab and gave him a kindness card.

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 16 of Kindness: We landed in Belgium on the afternoon of day 16. We were there for a beer trip so don’t be surprised if the following days of kindness revolves around alcohol. In my jet lag/drunken stupor, I kind of forgot about the kindness until the very end of the night. It was close to what felt like last call at a speakeasy type bar in Brussels. I was hanging out by the bar while my crew was enjoying some live music. Some drunken young Belgian came up and ordered a round for his buddies. I grabbed the tab and handed him a kindness card. He was confused and it launched into a conversation about Americans.

Result: Kindness not registered (surprise, surprise)

Day 17 of Kindness: We found ourselves in Brugge on the 17th day of kindness. This time we had befriended a local named Hart. After many rounds of beverages, I picked up his tab at the bar as well as bought him some food at a late night eatery later in the evening. I didn’t give him a kindness card, but messaged him on Facebook with a link.

Leaving the bar with Hart

Result: Kindness not registered

Day 18 of Kindness: This was our second day in Brugge and we found ourselves at a cool locals bar called De Garre. This was a recommendation from Hart and it was one of my favorite bars from the Europe trip. In order to access the bar, we had to go down an unmarked dark alley. Once inside, the footprint of the building was small, however, you could climb the stairs vertically to a smaller area of the bar. We made a spot for ourselves up top along with a few other tables. I witnessed one table buy a round of drinks for another table. I thought to myself, “what a perfect opportunity to reward the good doer”. When our server came over, I told him I would like to buy the next round of drinks for the table who ordered the previous round of drinks. The server informed me that the buyer of drinks was the brewer of the house beer at De Garre and that he would likely refuse the offer. I told the server to make him order something nice that he would have had to pay for and I will pick up the tab. The server tried his best but the result was us getting a round of beers purchased. It was a kind gesture, but frustrating when you had to get your act of kindness in for the day.

Beer from the brewer

After that European experience, I thought it would be wise to take a hiatus from kindness while in Europe. I put it on hold until I got back to the US.

Once back in the US, I ended up giving the $18 to a coworker who always supplies our marketing team with gum. I marked the envelope “Drug Gum Money”.

Result: Kindness reported immediately

Day 19 of Kindness: Jeremy won the guessing content

Day 20 of Kindness: Sam Graduation gift

Day 30 of Kindness: Little sister birthday money