Formerly I would post these challenges on my Facebook page. There were a multitude of factors that made me want to change that, the main one being that Facebook does not save all of your posts. This challenge is a prime example of that! I have been able to resurrect a lot of my daily challenges from this specific month, but not all of them. Below are all of the challenges that I could find from the 30 days of challenges:

1st Challenge: First contest was with Gary, Kris and Sam. I’m not posting my score, but I will share dot totals. Not great, but not last. Dots is a side golf game where you get dots for specific milestones on each hole (first person to get their ball on the green, person closest to the pin once they get on the green and longest putt made).

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2nd Challenge: how far could I throw a frisbee. The trees kept getting in my way and I started getting followed and propositioned for drugs so I stopped. But my best toss was just shy of 65 yards (Damn trees)! How far can you throw a frisbee?

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3rd Challenge: name that jellybean with coworkers! The record for most jelly beans correct – 1 out of 5!!! Tough challenge.

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4th Challenge: how far can you coast a razor scooter?

5th Challenge: I had the opportunity to compare the traveling Book of Mormon to the Broadway Book of Mormon. My comment when I saw it was, “kind of like watching the Bees as opposed to the Yankees”.

6th Challenge: Standing long jump at the office! Guess who won?!

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7th Challenge: You get $40 and 30 minutes in a casino…who comes out on top? I did not fare so well on this one.

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8th Challenge: Do a par 3 with just your putter. Drew is the only one that finished this challenge:

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9th Challenge: Hang out with Landon and Dan on the LanDan show and see how long you can keep a ping pong ball in suspension with your lungs. Here is the video…

10th Challenge: Dress like your favorite person. Amy and Judy took the prize!

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11th Challenge: How many bites does it take to eat an Arctic Circle courtesy cone…1 is the correct answer!

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12th Challenge: I did a general knowledge test and I got an 84. I had the TV going in the background so don’t judge me too harshly…if you want to try it yourself, here is the URL:

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13th Challenge: Eat at a restaurant that shares your name!

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14th Challenge: pray for no rain for Jess Jensen and Amy’s outdoor Alaskan wedding. This is sad and nostalgic. Little did I know that this would be the last time I would see my old buddy Jess. I said some dumb stuff at his wedding and he never really forgave me or gave me a chance to plead my case after this day.

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These were all of the challenges that I was able to resurrect. I am sure there were more, but I can’t find or remember them specifically. If you have any knowledge of other challenges that I participated in, help a brotha out and let me know!